School Provisions

Children deserve the chance to learn, develop and achieve in all aspects of life. Here at MSport Active we believe that sport can be a tool used to achieve these vital aspect of children's development.

We feel that by offering children the chance to try new sports and up skill themselves in sports they love, can have a huge impact on both their social skills and their overall healthy life style.

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PPA (Planning, Preparation and Assessment) is a vital part of the school week. It allows teachers the chance to plan for the upcoming weeks, prepare lesson materials and provide assessment of pupils learning and development. At MSport Active we offer an extensive PPA programme covering all areas of the school sport curriculum. We carefully structure each lesson to meet the individual learners needs and provide clear, achievable lesson objectives and assessments.

Our lessons cover both the Fundamental Skills ( agility, balance and coordination) and the Fundamental Movement Skills (sending, receiving, striking, travelling and jumping) which together provide children with the foundations for a bright future in sport. As well as physical education and development, our lessons act as a key tool in helping children to develop their life skills such as confidence, attitude, knowledge and team work which can be used not just within sport but within their day to day life`s both in and out of school.


MSport Active offers lunch time supervision which allows us to provide sports session, team challenges and individual skills zones to children throughout their lunch time. Children often get board and run out of games to play during their lunch time. MSport Active uses its vast sporting knowledge to set up exciting activities for them, with the aim to encourage children to stay ACTIVE and gives them the chance to participate in sports they may not get to play very often.


MSport Active deliver extra curriculum activities alongside the typical school day. We offer a range of after schools sports clubs for both boys and girls to help with the development and learning through sports. Our after school club programmes are designed to use skills learnt through the PE lessons provided in schools and up skills those who share a passion for sport just like we do.

We create a fun and exciting learning environment where children have the opportunity to learn new skills and use existing skills to their full potential. Our after schools clubs do not just benefit sports skills, we aim to help improve children's self confidence, team work and allow them to make new friends within a sporting environment.


MSport Active’s football after school clubs provide a vibrant “football for all” programme for both boys and girls of all abilities. We create a fun filled environment whilst delivering professional football sessions covering all aspects of grass roots football. We finish each week with small sided football matches and mini tournaments.

Multi Sports After School Clubs

MSport Active's multi sports after school clubs provide a vibrant “sports for all” programme for both boys and girls of all abilities. Each week we deliver high quality sports sessions to improve children’s skill in a variety of sports. We finish every session with small sided games, mini tournaments and team challenges.

"A huge impact on both their social skills and their overall healthy life style"

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